Gameday Team Tryouts

Tryouts for both Youth and HS players at the Arvada, CO location

Gameday Youth Tryouts (ages 9-14u)

The first step, is the tryout. Gameday operates teams across various age levels and ranges of competitiveness. If your player is interested in pursuing the tournament baseball world, we’d encourage you to sign up for an upcoming tryout to be assessed for our Gameday Arvada teams. Tryouts are meant to provide information to both coaches and players, so that teams are built with players of like ability. 

A Gameday tryout is more of an assessment of current skills sets compared to players of the same age. Following the youth tryouts, these grades for each player are released so players can understand areas of strengths and areas of weaknesses.

Tryouts are a great opportunity for players to measure themselves against players their age at the competitive level. Gameday uses tryouts to determine if players will be a good fit for existing teams and as an tool to built quality teams that are build with roster needs in mind. Every tryout experience is valuable but at Gameday, we try to build tryouts similar to a practice so we can use the small sample size to see a wider ranger of each players talents.  

Upcoming Youth Tryouts
(for the 2025 season)

Primary Tryout Dates (select age that player will be in 2025 season)

Monday July 15th, 2024 

Tuesday July 16th, 2024

9-11u time: 5:00 – 7:00PM

12-14u time: 7:00 – 9:00PM

Players need only to register & attend (1) date/time that is appropriate for the age they will be playing during the 2025 season. 

Tryouts will be held out Gameday Arvada – 8270 W 80th Ave Unit #12, Arvada, CO 80005


Makeup Date

Monday July 22nd, 2024 

9-11u time: 5:00 – 6:30PM

12-14u time: 6:30 – 8:00PM

*Players should only attend the makeup date IF they cannot make either of the primary dates work. There is a much higher chance to be selected for a roster during our primary tryout dates as all Gameday team coaches will be present.

How to get your player started

Register For Tryouts

Sign up for our comprehensive tryouts where the player will be assessed by the Gameday staff in numerous areas to get an quality skill assessment of each player. 

Communication Following a Tryout

Youth Tryouts – Following the tryouts, the information collected will be given to all of our youth coaches. At that time, if a youth coach is intersted in a player, they will reach out directly to the player to formally offer them a position onto their team. Often times, players will receive offers from multiple teams within the Gameday program and it will be up to them to decide which team is the best fit. Players should recieve communication from a Gameday youth coach within 72hrs following a tryout if they are interested, otherwise, the players information will be stored in the case their is a coach interested in them at a later date.


High School Tryouts – Following a tryout, the Gameday staff will review the player and determine if they are a good roster fit for any teams within the Gameday HS program. Players will recieve notification from Gameday within 72 hrs following their tryout.

Improve Your Game

Gameday teams will have all of their practices at the Gameday facility. The ability to practice out of the best facility in the state of Colorado alongside quality baseball instructors allows a unique opportunity for baseball development at all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are tryouts?

Youth tryouts typically range from 1-2 hrs in length while our HS tryouts typically range between 45min – 1.5 hrs depending on how many players are participating on any given date. 

Do all players that tryout make a team?

No. While we encourage all players to attend tryouts, only players that will be quality roster additions to our existing teams will be offered spots following the tryout. Players that are not offered a spot are encourage to return to a future tryout date as roster configuration is always fluid.

How quickly do players have to commit if they are offered a roster position?

Typically players have around 72 hrs to Accept or Decline a roster invitation to join a Gameday team. Any questions or concerns should be able to be addressed in that time period so that a player is comfortable making a decision to join a team. We kindly ask players to only come out to a Gameday tryout if they are serious about joining a team team in our program.