BEcome a SPonsor

Our 2024 Sponsors

UC Health

Dick’s Sporting Goods

1st Bank

In addition to highly visible signage at the ballpark for your brand, we work hard at “activating” each sponsor’s call to action. For example, all ballpark sponsors are located within our “Sponsors” link which can be found on our website as well as found by scanning the Q-R code while you are at the ballpark.

This enables our sponsors to make timely offers to our patrons to increase their brand awareness and ultimately, sales. In addition, we have an extensive and active database of parents and players who regularly see messages from us. We regularly engage our email fans with valuable offers from our sponsors.

This can also be done right before and during our major baseball events at the field so our fans know where to go to eat and where to go to shop in the area. The best marketing is local marketing!