2024 Spring training program – parker

Join us for a dynamic experience led by top-tier instructors, dedicated to honing your skills, fostering growth and unleashing your full potential on the field.

january 13 – february 17, 2024 Saturdays

The 2024 Spring Training Program takes place over the course of 6 weeks. 

  • Competitive workouts geared towards competitive ball players

  • Expert instruction from top-notch baseball coaches

  • Enjoy a small group training with a great player to coach ratio

  • Saturdays: For players aged 11-18u during the 2024 season


3 Sessions: 

  • Pitching Session from 9a-1030a – led by Mike Koons and Gameday Staff
  • Defense Session – from 1030a-NOON – led by Jose Diaz + Doug Bernier and Gameday Staff
  • Hitting Session from Noon-130p – led by Rick Eisenberg and Gameday Staff


  • 1 Session $350
  • 2 Sessions $600
  • 3 Sessions $800

    Example: Pitching Session + Hitting Session would be $600 for the 6 week training program

REGISTRATION is now CLOSED as of 1.12.24. Please contact Mike@road2gameday.com for further information.

9:00 – 10:30 AM

Saturdays: Youth 11 – 18U

  • Led by Mike Koons and Gameday Staff
The goal of the STP for pitchers is to get ramped up into baseball season. Drill work will be used to build a solid foundation and arm care + throwing programs will be used to bring a player’s arm along with the goal of competition in late February/early March. The STP is a great additional practice weekly to give pitchers an edge on their competition and the ability to work with professional pitching coaches who can help them develop in a controlled environment inside the Gameday bubble. Expect a competitive environment!

During the STP, Gameday will have catchers integrated with pitchers to allow for work on receiving, blocking and throwing from live pitchers. The STP will focus on receiving, blocking, footwork, game calling and developing better POP times to become better defenders behind the plate. While working on the specific catching skills required to play the position and also working alongside the pitchers, the STP for catchers is a unique opportunity to focus on becoming a better defender in a controlled environment so players can excel in competition once games begin!

10:30 – NOON AM

Saturdays: Youth 11 – 18U

  • Led by Jose Diaz and Gameday Staff

The goal of the STP defense is to get ramped up into baseball season. Drill work will be used to build a solid foundation and throwing programs will be used to bring a players arm along with the goal of competition in late February/early March. The STP is a great additional practice weekly to give defensive players an opportunity to work on becoming better players on an indoor field in the early spring. Great plays are made when players are prepared and with the Gameday STP Defense, players will have yet another opportunity to out work their competition! Expect a competitive enviroment!

pitching slider cutout

12:00 – 1:30 PM

Saturdays: Youth 11 – 18U

  • Led by Justin Martinez and Gameday Staff

The STP for hitters is a great opportunity to add additional swings into a player’s spring schedule. These small group workouts will be 75 minutes in length and structured to get players a ton of reps while also working on various aspects of the swing including but not limited too; Hitting for Power, Hitting for Average, Plate Discipline, Efficient Swing Path, Pitch Recognition, Bat Exit Velocity and many more. These professional hitting workouts are led by professional coaches within the state-of-the-art Gameday bubble facility. Expect a competitive environment while getting your swings in during the early spring, so you’re ready to Rake in the spring!


Mike Koons

Rick Eisenberg

Doug Bernier

Alex Achtermann

Jose Diaz

Mason Brown

Jayden Smith

Andy Schwulst

Justin Martinez

Peyton Ingalls

Kyle Barkley

Peter Goldy

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my player work on?

We have 3 Sessions that you can choose that specialize in:


  • Pitching: Develop precision, strength, and strategy on the mound through targeted pitching drills and personalized coaching.
  • Catching: Hone catching skills with specialized techniques, agility training, and strategic insights to become a reliable force behind the plate.
  • Hitting: Perfect the art of hitting through a structured program that emphasizes mechanics, timing, and situational awareness for a powerful and consistent performance at the plate.
  • Defense: Enhance fielding prowess with focused drills, positioning strategies, and defensive techniques to fortify your player’s skills across all positions on the diamond.
    What do I need to bring?

    Players should wear baseball attire and bring equipment needed for each session.

    Pitching and Defense sessions players will need their gloves only. Hitters will need a batting helmet and bat. Catchers need to have a full set of catching equipment and catchers mitt.

    How much does a session cost?
    • 1 Session $350
    • 2 Sessions $600
    • All 3 Sessions $800
    How long is a session?

    Each Session consists of 1 Hour and 30 Minutes of Baseball Instruction.

    Additional Information

    Each of the sessions is limited in capacity and will sell out. Players will work in small working group format and the practice plans will progressive through the 6 week course.