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About the Program

Gameday Performance is the best way to ensure improved athleticism, strength, and performance on the field. Our program utilizes proven training methods to help athletes run faster, jump higher, get stronger, and be more resilient. We focus on improving general athletic qualities by using weight training, sprinting, jumping, and throwing to get the best out of all of our athletes. We also incorporate baseball specific exercises to improve rotational power for hitting and pitching. While our main focus is on Baseball players, Gameday performance is open to athletes of all sports, age levels, and experience who have a strong desire to get better every day and a passion for what they do.

Coach Thomas Rush

The Gameday Performance program is run by coach Thomas Rush. Coach Thomas has several years of experience developing athletes of all ages and levels, from youth athletes to Division 1 baseball players, to professionals. Thomas worked as a Sports Performance Coach at California State University, Fullerton, with their baseball team, track and field team, and golf team during the 2022-23 season. During this time, the baseball team advanced into the post-season to compete at NCAA regionals at Stanford. and the men’s track and field team won the Big West Championships for the third year in a row. Thomas then moved on to Sanford POWER in Irvine (now Excel Sports Performance) to work with competitive high school athletes as well as professional athletes in baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, swim, and football. Thomas is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and he holds a USA Weightlifting level 1 certification and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Training Options

In-person Training at the Bubble in Parker

Train in a group setting with direct supervision from Coach Thomas. Use our phenomenal training facility and get the program you need to improve your game!


  • Month-to-Month Membership: $300/month

  • 3-month Commitment: $275/month

  • 6-month Commitment: $250/month


  • All classes are open to all athletes of all ages, genders, and sports.
  • Unlimited class attendance (up to 5 days per week). Pick the days and times that work best for your schedule.
  • Maximum of 12 athletes per session to ensure quality coaching and individual attention.
  • Programming individualized based on athletes training experience and performance level.
  • Easily reserve class times with the PushPress member app.
  • Training tracked and delivered via the PushPress member app to ensure consistent progress.

    Remote Training


    • Gold Tier: Programming + Weekly and Monthly Check-ins: $175/month
    • Silver Tier: Programming + Monthly Check-ins: $140/month
    • Bronze Tier: Programming Only: $100/month


    • Weekly check-ins allow you to send training videos directly to Coach Thomas for technique analysis. This is included in the Gold tier program.
    • Monthly check-ins allow you to schedule a short remote meeting with Coach Thomas to discuss the past month of training and get a better idea of how to improve. This is included in both the Gold and Silver tier programs.
    • The Bronze Tier option offers our lowest price for those who may not need supervision or check-ins.
    • To schedule a free consultation for remote training, please email
    • If you’re ready to sign up for Gameday Performance Remote, click the Sign-up link below.

    *All remote programs are designed following the initial consultation. Training programs take time to write and will be delivered as soon as possible. You may not have access to training immediately, but we will do our best to get your first day scheduled quickly.

      About the Program

      Gameday Performance Arvada is led by certified strength coach Alex Achtermann. This is a professionally controlled and coached program that targets athletes who want to take the next step in improving their strength/power and overall performance in their specific sport.

      Whether you’re an expert in the weight room or just starting out, Gameday Performance provides an individual approach to every athlete’s strengths & weaknesses.

      Utilizing individual designed programs designed by Coach Achtermann, every athlete will pushed toward their goals through a professional program designed to optimize performance in any sport.

      Gameday Performance Coach

      Coach Alex is a former professional baseball player who was drafted in 2019 by the Colorado Rockies following an illustrious collegiate career that included a 2018 MIAA Conference Player of the Year Award as well as 2019 MIAA First Team Honors. Following his playing career, coach Alex became the Head of Gameday Performance and also coaches the elite Gameday Angels travel team within the high school program at Gameday.

      Program Details

      • Up to 3x per week training sessions per week

      • Open Gym policy (come as your schedule allows during the gym times available to Performance athletes)

      • TrainHeroic App allows athletes to track their progress

      • Gameday Performance coach will always be present during gym times to supervise and assist with individual workouts

      • Ages 10+

      • Serious Athletes Only

      Cost for 2023/24

      • Month to Month | $300

      • 3 Month Commitment | $275

      • 6 Month Commitment | $250

        First Month will be billed at signup then AUTOPAY will be generated for the additional months thereafter

      Team Training Available! – Contact for Pricing and More Information

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How Do We Sign Up?

      Click the registration link below to sign up for Gameday Performance and schedule your first session!

      Will my Athlete Be Training 1:1?

      No. Athletes will be given their own program and progression, but we believe that small group training sessions allow a positive and competitive culture that helps push our athletes to be better, and ensures that training is fun and interesting.

      Can we freeze or Cancel our Membership At Anytime?
      If you sign up for a 3 or 6 month commitment, you will not be able to cancel or receive a refund. Month to Month memberships are available and may be paused or canceled at the end of each month.
      What If our schedule is always changing and we Can't Go the Same Day Every Week?

      We have multiple options per week for your athlete to complete all of their workouts. Use the Calendly sign up link to plan out your workouts up to a week in advance. Sign ups must be completed at least 4 hours prior to the start of the session. Should you need to cancel or change a session for any reason, you may also do this through Calendly. If none of our training times work for you, please reach out to coach Thomas at and we will do our best to accommodate your athlete.

      Is My Young Child Safe to lift weights?

      YES! Not only is lifting weights safe for kids, but it is also highly beneficial for their physical development. Weight training has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, and increase bone mineral density. All of our sessions are closely supervised by a qualified coach to ensure that athletes remain safe by training with good technique at the correct loads for them. If you’re still not sure if the program is safe or would like to discuss any health or safety related issues, please reach out to coach Thomas at

      How do you individualize your programs?

      When we discuss individualization, it needs to be understood that every athlete will NOT have 10 different workouts for every single day. How we view individualization is based on a couple of factors: Age, Lifting Experience, Sports, Injury History, Future Goals and Current Body Type. An individualized program does not mean that every session will be unique, or even completely different from another athlete, but we do ensure that we select the proper methods and progressions that will move our athletes closer towards their goals.