Arvada Highschool Baseball Teams

Improve your game. Play at your next level.

Join The Team. Grow Your Game.

Our high school teams equip 15U-18U players to level up their game. Our high school players are expected to put in the work and along the way, understand that the dream of playing college baseball is built on the ability to continue to grow, develop and perform at a high level.

How to get your player started

Register For Tryouts

Sign up for our comprehensive tryouts where we will assess your player on 12 different baseball skills and provide you with a full assessment of their strengths and growth zones.

Join The Right Team

After your player’s assessment they will be paired with a coach and a team where they will be given opportunities to grow, compete, and level up their playing.

Improve Your Game

Our baseball teams provide weekly practice and performance growth opportunities. All players have the opportunity to compete in tournaments and bond as a team!


Jason Berger

Jack Stamper

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my player work on?

At Gameday we understand all players develop at different times. Our goal is to work on the fundamentals of the game. Player development!

What Training Focuses Can I Choose From?

We develop the entire baseball player. The focus is on all 5 tools: Speed, Throwing, Fielding, Hit for Average and Hit for Power. Plus the 6th tool: The Mental Game.

How Will We Track Progress?

We provide all players with a player assessment. As the player develops we continue to track progress and continue to improve the player.