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3 Benefits of Training Youth Players Early

On the fence about whether or not to sign your youth player up for Gameday Performance? Check out this video from Alex as he explains 3 benefits as to why your youth player should get in the weight room early.

So here at Game Day Performance, we’re big into our youth guys, as you can see here. Finn’s killing it today. Really getting after it. So the big thing for us, our three biggest things for why we train our youth guys early is because it creates coordination. So it allows them to understand their body a little bit. So our squats or push ups or pull ups, kind of allows them understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and what they need to work on.

Second thing that we really try to focus on here is our form. So understanding that it’s not about the weights, it’s not about trying to put as much weight as you can on there and try to kill you. It’s trying to understand, OK, how does the weight move in the proper way to create performance on the baseball field?

The third thing, honestly, is just creating confidence in our guys, right? So they come in, they don’t really feel the strongest, they don’t feel the best. And then as the weeks progress, they start to see the weight boost up and they start to fall in love with the weight room.

So that’s our biggest thing, understanding that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And as they get older, they start to understand, okay. It’s not going to add 10 pounds every week. We’re going to add 5 pounds slowly throughout the year.

If you wanna learn tips to be a strong athlete on and off the field, check out these at-home drills to keep fitness and conditioning as a part of the routine. And if you are looking for some catching drills to tighten your game, USA Baseball has a variety of resources and drills to keep fitness at the center of your training.

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BaseBall Lessons

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