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5 Hitting Tips for All Hitters

Coach Rick walks you through his top 5 hitting tips for all hitters. From being prepared in the batter’s box to generating the best launch angle, these tips are extremely important to hitting. All players should master them.

These are hitting tips that players can start implementing today.

Hey, guys. Coach Rick with Game Day. I got five tips today for you youngsters out there. Some pretty basic, but extremely important things we do not want to miss as hitters.

So tip number one: Right, as soon as you get your sign, you get into the box. First thing I want you to do is you’re going through your routine. Make sure you look somewhere on your bat and take that deep breath. This is our calm right before the storm. We need it.

Tip number two: We want to make sure we’re the right distance from the plate. There’s so many hitters I see, they either get too close, where they can reach and hit this pitch way outside, but they’re going to struggle on the pitch middle or in. Or some players are a little afraid of the ball and we find ourselves way back here and I can’t hit the outside corner. So what we want to do is with our lead hand, we’re going to touch the outside corner. This is going to give me a good plate coverage.

Tip number three: Pre-pitch rhythm. This one’s easy, but a body that starts in motion is going to stay in motion. So many young hitters I see up there are almost frozen, trying to hit. We want to have a little pre-pitch rhythm that’s going to take us into our lobe.

Tip number four: Launch position. This one is super important. This is where I am as a hitter, when my front foot hits the ground. Not just my toe, but when my heel hits the ground and I’m ready to fire, where I’m at. Everyone has a launch position. Not all of them are good. So when my heel hits the ground, I want to make sure my knob is just getting to the catcher and I’m ready to fire.

And last number five: We want to drive through the ball. Not only do we want to get short to it, but so many young hitters, as we make contact, we’re done. We’re happy to make contact. We want to finish this swing, follow through the ball, get long with our extension.

That’s five tips.

Up your hitting game with these tips for hitting with more power. And if you are looking for some more hitting drills to hit with accuracy, consistency, and power, the Hitting Vault has a bunch of great drills for your game.

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